Where do we start with the Hybrid Oil?


Well, how about the beginning? Firstly, Hybrid Oil is a unique product that has been developed for multiple uses. They are: 


As a cleanser/make up remover


Oil cleansing with a flannel is the gentlest way to clean and ex-foliate your skin. Cleansing with oil? Yes definitely. Apply a couple of pumps into clean hands. Massage into face and use a hot flannel to remove. It is self moisturising and a great base for applying your following products whether it be moisturiser or make up.As a make up remover it breaks down make up and gently conditions skin in the process. Just go easy around the eyes!


As a pre shave oil


Massage some oil into the area to be shaved before applying your chosen shaving lotion. It creates an extra protection barrier and softens hairs before cutting. It also conditions the skin and smells great too. Because of the essential oil blend it has great antibacterial and antiseptic qualities and is ideal for using pre shave. So whether your shaving you face, legs, armpits this will help reduce the dreaded razor burn. 


As a beard oil


Great for dealing with the dreaded beard itch as it’s growing out and for taming wispy hairs as the beard thickens.


Other Uses:


Massaging oil into skin is a great way to soften stretch marks, and as the oils are non comedogenic, they wont clog your pores, just go lightly! As a make up remover it breaks down make up and gently conditions skin in the process. Just go easy around the eyes!


Hybrid Oil

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